An Invitation To Children of All Ages:

Share Your Best Parenting Advice


Companies around the world understand that listening to customers is key to to building lasting relationships that lead to future success.

So I thought I’d take a page from this philosophy and apply it to the most important relationship of all — the one between a parent and child. My hypothesis is simple: just as the customer knows what an ideal experience with a brand should look and feel like, every child has valuable insights that can help current and future parents be more effective…if only someone would listen!

That’s where the Customer First Parenting project comes in.

This is a social experiment of sorts. In the simplest of terms, it is an online research project that seeks to take a “customer first” approach to creating the most comprehensive collection on parenting advice ever developed using insights crowd-sourced from children of all ages. Specifically, the Customer First Parenting project invites children ages 13 and up to describe the parenting model they were raised under and offer their advice to parents who raised them.

Insights collected through our survey will be consolidated and shared via our social media and other channels, so parents can benefit from key learnings that emerge as part of this one-of-a-kind research project. It also gives children, the primary customer in the parenting relationship, an opportunity to be heard like never before.

All responses will be kept confidential, although participants will have the option to be quoted in our blog and/or related published works.

All submissions become the property of the Customer First Parenting project.

To participate, take our survey today…and share it with a friend!

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