A 30-Day Guide To Commanding The Boardroom, Branding Yourself, and Finding Your Higher Calling

Staying Power is an action journal designed to help achievement-oriented professionals and entrepreneurs find their purpose and use it to chart for personal and professional success -- in just 30 days. When we are living our purpose, our passion propels us. It keeps us lit up, energized, and motivated, even when times get tough. Without question, purpose is so important and there no shortage of people who are inspirational around this idea.

However, simply being inspired by the idea of finding your purpose is not enough. You’ve got to know how to find it, clearly articulate it and use it every day to truly tap into its power. Whether you have no idea how to identify your purpose or are clear on your purpose but are unsure how to use it to create the life you really want, you’re in the right place.

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A 30-Day Guide To Commanding The Boardroom, Branding Yourself, and Finding Your Higher Calling

Staying Power is a step-by-step manual to guide you through the process of defining (or reaffirming) your purpose so you can move like the people you admire in 30 days.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 4 forces that you need to understand to identify your purpose
  • Why purpose is the “secret sauce” in your success journey
  • 13 key questions to help you unlock what you were meant to do
  • The anatomy of a purpose statement/Discover and articulate your unique value
  • How to write your purpose statement so you can identify your true North
  • How to use your purpose to guide your day-to-day decision-making, strengthen your negotiating and market yourself effectively, whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or hang your own shingle
  • Get clear on your “why” and develop a road map for how to go about living it every day
  • Chart your course to doing what you’ve been created and wonderfully made to do

The only catch is, you’ve got to do the work!

See what people are saying...

Nicole L. Bynes
Director of ADR Operations,
Nonprofit Arbitration Association

Staying Power changed my career road map into a career role map. As HR professionals, we tend to stress career road maps without ever diving into the fact that the roles we have matter and need just as much focus. Staying Power provided me with a much-needed role map and now I’m headed in the right direction.”

Dr. Angie Gray
Co-Founder, Empowerment Matters, LLC

"Staying Power is definitely here to stay and if you follow the action plan outlined not only will you stay, you will slay anything you encounter with power and authority!!"

Diamond Brown
Life Coach

"Staying Power takes its readers through a wholesome purpose journey. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, you need this book! You will think deeply about yourself, your accomplishments, and your career with soft nudges that inspire you to do the work. This self-awareness is taken in with laughter and chest-wrenching awe as the author shares true stories from her family's life...”

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