Are you a high-performing achiever who’s frustrated because the ONLY reward for your great work has been more work?

Have you become too valuable to your company doing your current job for them to let you move into a role you REALLY want?

Has performing miracles become your ‘normal’ way of working and what others expect from you?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, mark your calendar for September 21st at 7 pm Eastern and make plans to join me on Fired Up with the Expert, a new career reinvention webinar series hosted by blogger, marketing expert and best-selling author Megan Wagner.

If you haven’t read Megan’s book Fighting FIRED With Fire: A Guide to Coping with Job Loss, Rising From the Ashes and Reigniting a Career You Love, you should definitely add it to your “must read” list of business books.

Through her new “Fired Up with the Expert” webcast series, Megan chats with experts offering actionable insights and career advice for those looking to make it to the next level.

As you can see, Megan and I share a passion for empowering readers to tap into their passions and to find success and happiness in their professional lives.  I am so honored and excited to be her guest on September 21 when we’ll be talking about my new book Great Work, Great Rewards: 7 Secrets for Breaking the Performance Punishment Cycle.

In this free, live webinar, we’ll be talking about the Performance Punishment Cycle and how you can break free so you can start winning at work.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • How to identify performance punishment, whether it’s happening to you, someone on your team or someone you care about
  • When working harder or smarter isn’t necessarily the key to success
  • Why there are disadvantages to being the “go to” person on the team
  • How the top companies prevent performance punishment from happening in their organizations
  • How perfectionism can be a double-edge sword
  • How to break the performance punishment cycle to reclaim your joy in the workplace

Can’t make it live? No problem! Go ahead and register anyway and I’ll send out the rebroadcast link so you can check it out whenever you can.


Join me on the “Fired Up with the Expert” career reinvention webinar series September 21 at 7 pm Eastern


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