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Are you a high-performing achiever who’s frustrated because the ONLY reward for your great work has been more work?

Have you become too valuable to your company doing your current job for them to let you move into a role you REALLY want?

Has performing miracles become your ‘normal’ way of working and what others expect from you?


Then my new book Great Work, Great Rewards: 7 Secrets for Breaking the Performance Punishment Cycle is just for you.



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My New Sunday Jewelry

My Dad was given a necklace with a boxing glove charm by his fellow educators when he retired from teaching almost 40 years ago. It is a symbol of the tough love disciplinarian he was at work. He never took it off. He was especially proud of it as it symbolized more than his retirement from the Newark, NJ public school system. In part, the boxing glove charm reminded him of his days as a semi-pro prizefighter and of when he competed on and coached boxing teams in college and in the Army during WWII. When he passed away at the age of 100 earlier this year, I asked my Mom if I could have it and she said “Of course.” 

At first I was reluctant to wear it. Too soon? Maybe. Out of respect? Definitely. Was I ready for the responsibility that comes with it? Not so sure. But then…

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{WEBCAST REPLAY} How To Be A Rockstar At Work Without The Pain of Having More And More Work Assigned To You

Attention hard working, stressed-out professionals who want to fight performance punishment at work!

You’re about to discover the secrets of how to be a rockstar at work without the pain of having more and more work assigned to you.

CHECK OUT THE REPLAY of my live chat with marketing guru and best-selling author Megan Wagner: “Fired Up With The Expert: Liz Nolley Tillman”.

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Take the “Customer First” Parenting Survey!

Source: Henriksson

Companies around the world understand that listening to customers is key to to building lasting relationships that lead to future success.

I thought we’d take a page from this philosophy and apply it to the most important relationship of all — the one between a parent and child.

My hypothesis is simple: just as the customer knows what an ideal experience with a brand should look and feel like, every child has valuable insights that can help current and future parents be more effective…if only someone would listen!

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Announcing My Great Work, Great Rewards Master Class

I’ve developed an in-person training program based on my new book that is designed to help high-performing individuals rethink how to find success by equipping them with actionable strategies for taking their careers to the next level. So if your organization is interested in having me customize a workshop for your employees or members, let’s talk!

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